REP-20: Data Availability Layer Integration

The Core Devs have been working on VSL’s DA integration for a while and of course 4844 as an upgrade welcomed by all EVM L2s, is being considered.

While the integration with Celestia (thanks to its straightforward integration process) was already done internally on our devnet, we were made aware that NEAR DA, might be an even better solution for the RSS3 Network as a whole.

So here is a brief comparison of 4 viable solutions we have been exploring:

Solution Security Cost/Block Major Advantage Major Drawback
Avail Avail’s own chain unknown unknown not production ready
Celestia Celestia shared security ~0.046$ ease of integration not the cheapest solution
NEAR On NEAR with Nightshade ~0.0016$ huge blob space development not as active
EIP-4844 the almighty monolithic Ethereum ~7.73$ native DA expensive

Furthermore, EIP-4844 being the “native solution” suffers from limited blob space per block. As more and more L2s are competing for 768kb per block (8,192kb in the future), surging activities such as ethscription minting on L2s will drive up the blob prices and increase the cost of operating the VSL. NEAR DA promises a whopping blob space of 4,096kb per transaction, effectively circumventing such issues. This may accelerate our experiments with different use cases that demand additional onchain storage space.

The Core Devs have conducted internal tests confirming that NEAR DA is production-ready.

Based on these findings, we propose integrating NEAR DA into the VSL Mainnet.


imo, with NEAR’s growth, it makes sense that they’re the DA choice. Celestia is too overrated.

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kudos to the core devs, NEAR DA does look like the best solution according to this chart

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It has been pretty stable on VSL testnet. We want to expedite the integration process.

Also we found for our use cases NEAR DA’s cost is roughly 3x more than what they have claimed here, $0.0016 vs $0.005, but it still remains the cheapest among the peers.

VSL Testnet is very happy about it.

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NEAR DA is now live on the VSL Mainnet, the gas has been reduced by 90%.

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