REP-11: RSS3 Protocol Upgrade

The previous RSS3 Protocol version stopped at v0.4.0-rc.1, as the Core Devs wanted to spend more time shaping it and testing it with different solutions.

The subsequent DSL employs RSS3 Unified Metadata Schemas as the structure to disseminate Open Information.

As the UMS has been stable for over 1 year, and we are also entering a new era of decentralized governance for the RSS3 Network, I think it is time for the UMS to become the next version of the RSS3 Protocol.

I am planning to draft a new REP for that.


I have submitted an REP: REP: RSS3 Protocol Upgrade by HenryQW · Pull Request #11 · RSS3-Network/REPs · GitHub

We are still working on the full specification.


can you share some information about the advantage and risk of UMS

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The largest advantage is improved interoperability through standardization, everything is standardized and structured. If we want mass adoption, we need it to encourage more developers to build more products and services to attract and serve users.

I cannot think of any risks specifically applied to the Protocol itself. There are general risks, such as flexibility, extensibility etc., that is why we open source everything when it comes to implementation, and let the Community decide what to change in the future.


Just finished the Protocol specification, submitted for PR review: REP-11: transition to `review` by HenryQW · Pull Request #14 · RSS3-Network/REPs · GitHub

PDF preview:

Please let us know your thoughts!

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It’s been 21 days, we are going to transit REP-11 into Candidate, which means it will be implemented on the Testnet prior to the Mainnet Beta.

You are still welcome to make any comments on the proposal.

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