Open Information Initiative Grant Application

Introducing NexumBot: Bridging Blockchain and Social Media for Thriving Communities

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to introduce NexumBot, a tool designed to bridge the gap between blockchain and social media platforms. NexumBot brings your community together in one place, driving more members and activity. Their goal is to help projects and members connect and thrive together, recognizing that one cannot exist without the other.

Key Benefits of NexumBot:

  • Security: Enhance your standard verification process with Nexum registration, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Community Analytics: Gain detailed insights into both on-chain and off-chain activities of your community.
  • Increase Engagement: Track and reward active members to boost community participation.
  • Member Statistics: Access comprehensive metrics such as token holdings, staking, and other on-chain activities, along with off-chain contributions.
  • Automated Rewards: Create a sense of acknowledgment and appreciation within your community with automatic airdrops.
  • AI-Powered Analytics: Summarize top contributors’ opinions based on desired criteria to guide project development.
  • Referral System: Encourage growth with a complex referral system that tracks real value generation.
  • Online Dashboard: Access real-time analytics and trends for deep insights into community dynamics.
  • Multi-Platform Integration: Expand your database with additional social media platforms for enhanced connectivity.
  • More Interactions: Facilitate various community interactions, including giveaways, events, and games.

Learn more at: NexumBot Website

The Problem and Their Solution

Currently, NexumBot faces a challenge in bringing the full product to the market for free due to the need for more resources to finish development and make the bot scalable. Funding would be used to develop NexumBot fully, release it for free, and focus on community building and marketing to connect with as many projects as possible.

Their Roadmap

Phase 1: Nexumbot 1.0

  • Objective: Full setup available for partners and base features on the market for the public.
  • Actions: Release Nexumbot 1.0, reach desired active partners, gather feedback, and generate revenue to fund further development.

Phase 2: Nexumbot 2.0

  • Objective: Full setup available on the market, establish a dedicated Nexum community, and prepare for the token launch.
  • Actions: Release Nexumbot 2.0, build the Nexum community, set up a sustainable revenue-sharing model, and announce details about the $NEXUM token.

Phase 3: $NEXUM Token Launch

  • Objective: Fully operative Nexum ecosystem.
  • Actions: Ensure a smooth $NEXUM token launch, implement $NEXUM into Nexumbot, and upgrade the revenue-sharing model.

Business Model

Initially, their revenue comes from projects and partners that subscribe to their plans to unlock more features. In the future, they aim to offer all features for free and monetize through their token, transaction fees, airdrops, and tailored experiences for big partners.

Funding Request

They are seeking funding to support the development and scalability of NexumBot. The funds will be used to:

  • Finish development and make the bot scalable.
  • Release NexumBot for free to the market.
  • Focus on community building and marketing.

Call for Community Feedback

We’d love to hear your thoughts on NexumBot! Please leave your comments and feedback below. While we value all community input, the final decision on accepting the project as the grant recipient will be reserved by the RSS3 team.

Thank you for your support and participation in shaping the future of Open Information!

Warning: We do not vouch for the project, so please exercise caution when clicking on links.

Join the discussion and share your thoughts below!

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