Open Information Grant Application (with guide)

Who Can Apply?

The Open Information Grant is designed for independent developers who share the vision of a more open and interconnected digital future. Whether you’re a start-up, a group of enthusiastic developers, or a small team with big ideas, this grant is for you.

More Information: Open Information Initiative

How to Apply?

Step 1 - Appplication Submission

Answer the questions below and post your answers into a new topic here

  1. Contact information (Email or Telegram)

  2. Project name

  3. Project website

  4. Please provide a 200-word (or less) summary of your project, specifically outlining the problem(s) you aim to solve and your proposed solutions.

  5. Please provide a summary of the project that you are trying to build or have built. Please provide any links to a demo or git repository, if available.

  6. Please provide a summary of your project roadmap/timeline, and how you plan to utilize the grant.

  7. Please provide a short summary of your business model (if any).

  8. In which part of the grant are you interested? Please select all the items that capture your interest.

    • Baseline Grant ($1,500+)
    • Match Fund (Additional funding by Open Information Alliance members)
    • Equipment Support
    • Travel/Event Support
    • Technical and Strategic Advice
    • Community and Networking Support
    • Free Google Cloud Credits provided by our partner Google Cloud
    • Others
  9. Please provide a short summary about the team.

  10. Is there any additional information you’d like to provide for this application? Links to decks or files may also be provided here.

  11. Do you have a referral code (ask whoever invited you to apply)? Don’t worry if you don’t have one; it will not affect your application in any way.

  12. Any additional material you’d like to provide for this application? (Attach in topic)

Step 2 - Initial Assessment

Open Information Alliance (OIA) is a group of enthusiastic developers

Community discussion on the forum together with initial assessments from members of the Open Information Alliance (OIA) will happen within 4 weeks of receiving your application. You should check the forum regularly to answer any questions the community might have regarding your application.

Step 3 - Interview
The OIA might invite you to join a virtual/IRL interview to further understand your project, discuss your project plan, and build our connection.

Step 4- Notification of Outcome
All applicants will be notified of the decision. Successful applicants will be contacted to discuss further details. Other applicants will receive feedback or be invited to reapply.

Step 5 - Public Announcement
The application process is Open, transparent and public. By submitting this application you agree to this entire procedure.


Would be interested in applying for sure! Will take a look and spend some time on drafting a proposal!


Yes sir, let’s get it!

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