Node deployment help, values unclear


I’m working through the steps to deploy a node., and the YAML configuration is not clear to me on a few points:

  1. appears to be a placeholder value, where do I find the actual values?
  2. Do I need to set up a PostgreSQL or CockroachDB instance?
  1. endpoint is the interface returning the raw data of the corresponding network. For blockchain networks, you need to source your own RPC endpoints. For the VSL you can use For non-blockchain networks such as farcaster you need your own hubble, IPFS you need your own gateway.
  2. For Alpha stage, no. In fact you do not need endpoint as well.


  1. for the upcoming Beta stage, you will be able to operate Public Good Nodes which requires endpoint and a database. All Alpha Nodes can continue operating.
  2. for the Production stage after Beta, all Alpha Nodes are required to upgrade to Production.

Also we are internally testing a new and simplified config structure as well as a frontend page to generate a config. Stay tuned.