Integrating Chainlink

Today, I’m planning to write code to track the entire historical price data of $rss3 and ensure real-time updates every second. However, I encountered a challenge as I couldn’t locate $rss3 on the Chainlink Oracle at

In light of this, I am eager to optimize our project by integrating with Chainlink. Chainlink’s oracle services offer a decentralized and secure solution for obtaining accurate and reliable price data. By connecting $rss3 to Chainlink, we can leverage their extensive network of oracles, enhancing the reliability of our price feeds.

The integration with Chainlink not only ensures the availability of $rss3 on their oracle platform but also brings several benefits, including increased data accuracy, tamper-resistant decentralized oracles, and broader market coverage. This collaboration is poised to elevate the overall robustness and trustworthiness of our project.

Thank you for considering the optimization of our system through Chainlink integration.


Sounds good!
You should check this out. @joshua

Got it - will take a deeper look