How to Start an REP

Follow the steps below to begin your REP journey:

  1. Discuss your ideas with the Community to gather constructive support/criticism and feedback.
  2. Draft your REP using the REP format. See the for more information.
  3. Submit a pull request (PR) to the RSS3-Network/REPs repository.
  4. REP Editors will review your REP, suggest changes, and merge your REP.
  5. Share the link to your REP alongside with REP description to RSS3 Community Forum to continue your community discussion
  6. Continue advancing your REP by updating it with new PRs when applicable


  • It may take some time for REP Editors to review and merge your REP, so feel free to share your pull requests right after you’ve submitted them. More community feedback will also expedite the review process.

REP Guidelines