A New Approach for Web1/2/3 Archiving

As is widely known, archive.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving specific web content at particular moments, thereby creating an Internet archive. However, its funding relies on donations, and without contributions, the web pages archived from history may become inaccessible. To address this, the RSS3 token can be considered as an incentive mechanism. Users participate in a smart contract by inputting the web page address they wish to archive (whether from the traditional web or web3) and paying with RSS3 tokens. RSS3 node operators assist users in crawling the relevant content, store it on IPFS, provide the user with the IPFS address, and offer paid pinning services for IPFS duration—all facilitated by RSS3 tokens as the payment currency.


This actually makes a lot of sense and adds more utilities / modules to the RSS3 nodes. In addition to having the nodes indexing and structuring, have them expand and handle part of the backing-up / archiving mechanism makes sense. Also it adds utility to the token while facilitating public goods. I expect this to become an official REP sometime likely after the mainnet launch :rocket:

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Bring RSS3 to the world.

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Glad to see RSS3 on the way to Greater!


very interesting and makes a lot of sense :eyes:

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I met people from the Internet Archive at DWeb Camp 2023, let me run this by them.